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Jean Holbert-Leighton* Serving the St. Catharines, Niagara Region
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Take time to view this website www.naturallyinniagara.ca showing the Niagara Region. There are endless possibilities that exist for you to fully enjoy and take advantage of our beautiful Niagara Region.

You will find that there is something for everyone here in Niagara-

-physical activity ie cycling, walking in the gorge, photography

-dining at gourmet restaurants or frequenting your local "Mom & Pop" establishments

-pubs, nightlife, tourist activities, casinos, theatre and other forms of entertainment

-winery tours, festivals, arts and crafts exhibitions

-opportunities for established industry to grow

-opportunities to start your own business

-four seasons of beautiful scenery

-retirement communities away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto and other major centres

-the American/Canadian border close enough for travellers to take advantage of other destinations





Community Information

The Niagara Region is made up of 12 unique and distinct local municipalities; varying from the larger populated cities of St. CatharinesThoroldWelland and Niagara Falls with their urban intensive features, to pretty Pelham, Fort Erie and Wainfleet and West Lincoln with a more rural and natural setting. Tourism, industry and farming, not to mention all the natural resources including vast mineral and environmental resources, all add to the regions economic diversity.

The Region is blessed with natural features and attractions such as the Niagara Escarpment, miles of parks and beaches, not to mention Niagara Falls itself. The region has an abundance of walking trails, cycling and driving routes, such as the Niagara Parkway that follows the Niagara River, to the Niagara Wine Route.

The Niagara Wine Route connects at least 22 wineries, through some of the prettiest countryside in Ontario. The area is rich in history with war time landmarks, and old the old world charm of old Victorian mansions, and quaint war time homes.        

Niagara is bordered to the east by New York State. With four bridges less than an hour away from major Canadian cities such as Hamilton and Toronto, extensive rail lines, and a district airport, Niagara has proven to be a vital link to businesses in both the United States and Canada. Niagara's central location and quick access to large city centres like Buffalo, and Toronto make it a great place for commuters to reside.

The region boasts exceptional educational facilities; Brock University, Niagara College, as well as various private schools, including Ridley College, attended by people from the world over.

The region is rich in culture as well. The Shaw festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake is a haven for those who enjoy both traditional and new theatre. The wineries throughout the region also serve up their own entertainment with nights full of music and theatre. The facilities at both Brock University and the new Casino are great venues for big names in music and entertainment.

The contrasting municipal features and unique natural landscape contribute to the diverseness of the Regional Municipality of Niagara.